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New Representation for My Art

New Representation for My Art

Exciting News

For the past eight years I have had the pleasure of having my sculpture represented by The Parker Gallery in St Simmons, Ga. Now I will have an additional representation for my painting, mix media and sculpture with the Markay Gallery in Marietta Ga. I will bring you up to speed on the art that will be their in the next few weeks.

Taking a new approach to traditional gallery norms, Markay Gallery brings art of all forms. While spectacular paintings, sculptures, and photography are in the masterful mix, there is something different about us. We also feature an extreme variety of artists who create vessels, artful lighting, artisan furnishings and accessories. In other words, Functional Art.

Upon opening the doors you’ll see vignettes of home, where everything is artist-made. From the gallery desk down to the pen you use to sign the guestbook, everything here is a work of art.

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