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Phoenix Rising – The Artsology Blog

I was walking home to my condo the other day when I noticed this odd cloud formation, below left … although it looks like it’s maybe not a cloud, but rather dissipating airplane contrails or vapour trails. In either case, the shape of it made me think of the concept of a phoenix rising … I’ve made a little conceptual composite image, below right, to illustrate what I’m talking about. Scroll down for more info on what it means if a phoenix is rising.

plane contrails looks like a phoenix rising

The phoenix is a mythical bird from Greek mythology, a huge feathered creature with talons and wings. To “rise like a phoenix from the ashes” is a saying that describes emerging from a catastrophe stronger, smarter and more powerful. There are ideas about a similar bird in Egyptian and Chinese folklore as well. I kind of like this symbolism hovering over my condo development as it’s where I’m now living after a divorce. Perhaps my new home is where my phoenix is rising. Sorry if that sounds cheesy, but I think it’s an interesting coincidence.

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