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Sign up for the AMP (Ampoule Vessel Sculpture) and Additional info.

Sign up for the AMP (Ampoule Vessel Sculpture) and Additional info.

The sign up link is now live for the AMP, the link is below. 

Also, some additional info about the work. 

I failed to talk about materials in the post. The material combos in this photo are: All stainless steel (obvious), Stainless and Brass (Antiqued with brass black), and finally stainless and anodized aluminum (Copper color dye). These will be your choices for material for the sign up. 

I will offer the Anodized aluminum in quite a few colors even though I don’t have demos to show ahead of time, I think most of you reading have seen plenty of my work to have an idea what they look like. 

A few people asked if I would do a true copper version? I think I am going to sit that one out this time. I don’t love machining copper, it is a real pain for certain operations and often gives me more trouble than some of the traditionally more difficult materials. I also think it is just too soft for this arrangement, I think the little locking fingers just would not hold up over time, they would get chewed up with use. I also think the risk of bending the arms, should the work take a hit is too great. All in all, it just isn’t a good fit for this composition. 

So while I agree it would look great, I think I know better at this point to leave it off the menu. I try to make the best decisions I can.


Also, I have made significant improvement to the stand for this work.

I remade the lower vessel out of 416 stainless (which is magnetic) and added a ring magnet to the underside of the Delrin Base. With the original base, the work just rested in/on it, which was plenty stable but somehow not perfect. Now with the magnet installed, the Ampoule locks in firmly to the base, providing a much more secure way to stand the work. I think it is a major improvement. 

There have been many other suggestions on how to improve/ make the base nicer, and I encourage everyone to go nuts modifying and or building there own should you add this piece to your collection, but I went with a simple Delrin stand for a very specific reason. 

As I stated in my blog, I do not consider the stand to be a part of the formal composition, only as a practical accessory should you want to use the object as something other than an art piece. The black Delrin stand easily differentiates itself from the work, as it is plain and plastic. Likewise, the Delrin, unlike a matching stainless, aluminum, or brass piece, absolutely will not leave a mark on the work, not the tiniest blemish. Metals, even slightly softer ones, would leave marks over time without some mitigating element.

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