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I was walking through my condo parking lot yesterday when this little leaf on an otherwise clean street stopped me in my tracks. Why? Because somehow I saw a face in it, and had to stop for a second look. Crazy, right? How do I see a face in this?

leaf in a parking lot

It made me realize, I’m often seeing faces in objects, or in weird places, and I wondered if there was a word or term that describes that tendency? Turns out there is, and it’s called “pareidolia.” It’s a psychological phenomenon that causes the human brain to lend facial features to random patterns and objects. Here’s a blog post that shows three other circumstances of pareidolia, and I know I have more examples of my pareidolia if I look for them.

At any rate, here’s another view of the leaf, taken out of context and showing you what I saw … what do you think?

seeing faces in things is called pareidolia

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