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ICA Miami Acquires Works by Shara Hughes, Wong Ping, and More

ICA Miami Acquires Works by Shara Hughes, Wong Ping, and More

The Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami has been gifted three new works by up-and-coming artists Jadé Fadojutimi, Dalton Gata, and Shara Hughes by donors Andre Sakhai, Ed and Helen Nicoll, and Alberto Chehebar, respectively. The institution also recently purchased a new video work by artist Wong Ping, which debuted at the museum last week. The news comes on the heels of ICA Miami’s announcement that it has acquired more than one-hundred works for its collection.

“ICA Miami’s acquisitions during Miami Art Week reflect our unique role in the global conversation around contemporary art and emerging artists today,” said Alex Gartenfeld, the museum’s artistic director. “Our twenty-first-century collection is strengthened by its diversity and experimentation; these major works by Jadé Fadojutimi, Dalton Gata, and Shara Hughes, and Wong Ping represent some of the most important ideas of their generation. Furthering the museum’s close relationships with important artists, Wong Ping’s commission represents a significant step forward in this artist’s work: It is his first video without animation and a true prism of our times.”

Known for creating animations that feature absurd narratives, which often allegorize contemporary issues such as sexuality and politics, Wong Ping told Artforum in 2018: “Some people think that my animations express things that are taboo, but I don’t see it that way. On the internet, nothing is taboo. The animations are not about curiosity, repression, or fear; they mostly express desires. I always show my work to my parents after I’m done. They laugh about it, and I don’t think they understand what I am doing or talking about. They’re still confused about how I can survive off this kind of thing.”


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