Home Trending News Notre-Dame’s Next Phase, Artforum Lawsuit Continues and More Art News – ARTnews.com

Notre-Dame’s Next Phase, Artforum Lawsuit Continues and More Art News – ARTnews.com

Notre-Dame’s Next Phase, Artforum Lawsuit Continues and More Art News – ARTnews.com

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Notre-Dame Cathedral on December 24, 2019.
Mario FOURMY/SIPA/Shutterstock

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The restoration of the fire-scorched Notre-Dame cathedral has entered a “new and delicate phase” that involves removing a scaffolding structure at roof level that became fused by the intense heat. [The Art Newspaper]

Reversing a lower court’s dismissal, a New York appeals court ruled that Amanda Schmitt can continue her suit against Artforum, which alleges the magazine retaliated against her after she reported co-publisher Knight Landesman for sexual harassment. [Artnet News]

The Wall Street Journal has a preview of a Brice Marden drawings show opening at the new Menil Drawing Institute in Houston in February: “When the 81-year-old American artist Brice Marden was paging through his drawings earlier this year, he decided some weren’t ready for prime time. ‘I thought, maybe I could work to try to make them much more presentable,’ Marden said. ‘So I did.’” [The Wall Street Journal]

Taking a wide array of culture into account, the New York Times shared “our favorite arts photos of 2019.” [The New York Times]


In a column for Frieze, in an era of mounting climate crisis, Kyle Chayka wonders: “Can the art world kick its addiction to flying?” [Frieze]

Seeing a surfeit of gardens, waterfalls, and parks, architecture critic Rowan Moore wonders: “What is happening to our airports?” [The Guardian]


A former colleague of Robert Frank wrote a remembrance some 30 years after taking his dream job: “organizing the archive of the world’s greatest photographer-artist. Everything afterward in my life launched from that fateful decision.” [Border Crossings]

Barack Obama’s list of favorite books of 2019 includes The Topeka School by novelist, poet, and sometime art writer Ben Lerner. [Twitter]

Vaunted designer Vaughan Oliver—the visionary behind a bevy of world-building album covers for the ethereal English record label 4AD—died at the age of 62. [NME]


Carolina A. Miranda wrote about Alien Toy, a work by L.A.-based artist Rubén Ortiz Torres and lowrider hydraulics master Salvador “Chava” Muñoz that doubles as an otherworldly border-security truck. [Los Angeles Times]

In a chronicle of what looks like a lot like a haunted art installation, Amanda Hess pays a visit to an enormous new mall in New Jersey: the 3-million-square-foot would-be destination known as American Dream. [The New York Times]

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