Home Trending News Post-Brexit Sotheby’s Auction Underperforms—and More Art News – ARTnews.com

Post-Brexit Sotheby’s Auction Underperforms—and More Art News – ARTnews.com

Post-Brexit Sotheby’s Auction Underperforms—and More Art News – ARTnews.com

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Beijing Gallery Weekend has postponed its 2020 edition as the coronavirus continues to spread throughout China. If conditions don’t improve by March 15, the event could be canceled altogether. [ARTnews]

Deutsche Bank is shrinking its collection by around 4,000 works. Among the works that have left its holdings are an oversized Gerhard Richter painting that once hung in the bank’s Wall Street lobby. [The Art Newspaper]

Martine Gosselink, who currently serves as the head of history at the Rijksmuseum, will be the next general director of the Mauritshuis in the Hague. [Artforum]


A Sotheby’s sale of Impressionist, modern, and Surrealist art in London underperformed, bringing in just £49.9 million (about $64 million)—a possible sign that Brexit is already taking its toll on the British art scene. [The New York Times]

Banksy may be a force in the art market, regularly commanding hefty sales around the world. But what, if anything at all, will be his legacy? [The New York Times]

Christie’s auctioneer Hugh Edmeades said in a new interview that collectors are now less interested in the antiques market than they used to be. “Modern is what everyone wants,” he said. “People also can’t afford the big houses to accommodate the big furniture.” [The National]


Artist Ramiro Gomez, who is known for his paintings of workers in Los Angeles, the city where he is based, gets the profile treatment. [Los Angeles Times]

21c Museum Hotels

Yesterday, Chicago became the latest city to have a 21c Museum Hotel, where works of art appear in rooms where guests can stay. [Chicago Tribune]

Earlier this year, Steve Wilson, a cofounder of the 21c Museum Hotels, said that the enterprise offered “museums that are open 24 hours a day [and] completely free to the public, every day of the year.” [ARTnews]


As part of a settlement with the New York City Commission on Human Rights in a lawsuit involving allegations of racism, fashion designer and prominent art collector Miuccia Prada will have to take sensitivity training courses. [The New York Times]

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